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How to keep colour treated hair looking fabulous

After colouring your hair, we may feel tempted to jump in the shower as soon as you get home. You should wait for at least two days before shampooing your hair again. When you finally decide to take a shower, lower the temperature as you apply shampoo to your hair. Hot water removes the dye from your hair and this will cause the colour to fade away. Make sure it’s lukewarm or as cold as you can depending on how long you can stand it. Also, shampoo your hair less frequently to help your hair retain the natural oils used in conditioning your colour-treated hair.
Shampoo your colour-treated hair at most three times a week which will ensure the colour lasts longer and that the health of your colour-treated hair is maintained. You can even choose another shampoo that is free of sulfates which is more essential at maintaining the health and colour of your hair. Also, before you go for your next appointment switch to a clarifying shampoo which helps to remove any dirt which may have built-up and hair-styling products you may have been using.
Use Conditioner for colour treated hair
Well-conditioned hair is known to maintain hair colour than normal hair. Colour-treated hair is more porous hence it absorbs and releases moisture easily that may cause the colour to fade whenever your hair is wet. Whenever you shampoo your hair make sure you condition your hair. Conditioning colour-treated hair not only protects it from damage but also makes it look more natural and shinier. Get yourself a conditioner that is specially formulated to prevent any fading and is more moisturizing. Use this kind of conditioner once a week by applying it from the roots to the tips and pull your hair into a bun. Leave it like that for about thirty minutes and then rinse it out leaving it softer than before.
Use Special Products for colour treated hair
Colour-treated hair requires a lot of attention so make sure you buy the finest products to maintain it. Leave-in treatments that are specially formulated for dyed hair, help to detangle and protect your hair from heat and other elements. These are essential for those who spend a lot of their time in the sun. Avoid using hot tools to dry your hair but let your hair dry naturally. If you must use a hot tool apply an anti-heat product and apply the lowest heat setting on your blow dryer. Apply a product that will protect your hair from ultraviolet rays as you go out. Wear a hat while going out to provide further protection.

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