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Bangs on trend: Top fringe styles to refresh your look

  /  Blog   /  Bangs on trend: Top fringe styles to refresh your look

Bangs on trend: Top fringe styles to refresh your look

So we’ve compiled some easy ways to give your hairstyle a refresh with the best fringe trends to try this summer.

Blunt fringe

Blunt bangs are a great way to create a statement hairstyle and there are no limits to whether you accompany them with longer or shorter hairstyles. This is a strong look and sometimes doesn’t suit all face shapes or hair types so be sure to ask your stylist for tips and advice.

Cropped fringe

If you want to take it up a notch and avoid hair skimming into your eyes, opting for a cropped fringe is a great look. These bangs look amazing with shorter hairstyles and if you’d like it a little longer, why not sweep it to the side to give your face the perfect frame.

Long side swept fringe

For ladies with longer hairstyles that may not want to brave a blunt cut, opting for a longer ‘peek-a-boo’ style fringe is a fantastic choice. Long layered locks paired with sweeping bangs that flow into your tresses, radiate a mysterious and alluring look.

Fringes with a deep side parting

This style never goes out of fashion and with celebrity fans such as Taylor Swift, it’s sure to stick around. This look is great for people with bobs and shorter styles at collar bone length, and flatters several face shapes including round, square, heart and oval.

Choppy fringe

A choppy fringe is the ideal complement to an edgy short style or pixie cut. This added texture offers a sassy look and for shorter hairstyles, bangs blend perfectly with the top sections of hair to create added volume.

Faux fringe

If you don’t want a permanent fringe or want to trail one first, why not fake one? Sectioning the front part of your hair and swooping it into a sleek wave covering your forehead is a great way to create faux bangs. This is also an ideal option when styling retro looks.

Bangs are a fabulous way to give your locks a new lease of life. If you’re not sure on whether they will suit you, chat to your stylist for the best advice on fringe styles and how they can work with your cut.


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