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Gorgeous Pixie, Cropped Haircut & Short hair Styles

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Gorgeous Pixie, Cropped Haircut & Short hair Styles

We know that it can be a huge decision to decide to cut your hair into super short and if you’re worried that a short hairstyle will make you look too masculine or you would get bored with short hair and wants to avoid short hair grown boredom. No worries, please take a minute to see the most beautiful and iconic pixie haircuts of stars below. We have made a list of different short pixie hairstyles to help you figure out the best short hairstyle for you. You can play with the hair colours and the styling to create classic vintage look to messy roughed up modern style. You will also see that Pixie haircuts are suit to all ages, all hair types and colours.

Pixie crop hairstyle can create a fresh look with elements of the classic and modern. Carey Mulligan  has proved that pixie hairstyle can be fun, sexy, sweet, and sophisticated and glamorous. You can transform your pixie with; platinum blonde, brunette, dark blond, and caramel brown or with longer fringe, sleek back styling, roughed up hair styling.

If you feel comfortable exposing your ear, face and your head shape then go for pixie crop!


We offer a complimentary consultation with hair stylist at our Shoreditch salon.

Call us know on 0207 0339319 to book your appointment and our stylist will show you the best short hair style for you facial shape and hair type.

Be playful and fun!!


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Classic Pixie Hair Style: Vintage Iconic Hairstyles
pixie cut Jean Seberg pixie cut Mia Farrow pixie cut Audrey Hepburn
 Original Nouvelle Vague pixie:

Jean Seberg

Retro chic Pixie:
Mia Farrow
Classic Beauty Pixie:
Audrey Hepburn

Modern Classic Pixie Hairstyles: Sophisticated Short Hairstyles

Classic pixies are still very popular for many Hollywood celebrities like Natalie Portman, Winona Ryder and Audrey Tautou. Their Girl look was totally transformed into stylish and sophisticated look with dark pixie hair style.

pixie cut natalie portman pixie cut winona ryder pixie cut audrey tautou
Fresh and sophisticated look:
Natalie Portman
Smart and elegant look:
Winona Ryder
Quirky and chic look:
Audrey Tautou

Modern Edgey Pixie Hairstyle: Modern Iconic Hairstyles

Add an edgy and modern look to pixie with long swept bangs with super short on side or side shaved. Your fringe can be cut into different style and style as you desire, or can keep side short or grow naturally for the cropped look in the future.

pixie cut Stella Maxwell pixie cut rihanna 2 pixie cut Agyness Deyn
Avant-garde short undercut style:
Stella Maxwell
Side shaved edgy Style:
Cool blond with wept bangs:
Agyness Deyn

Cropped Bob Hair Style: Grown Pixie HairStyles

Growing out your pixie and short hair has never been easier but you can update pixie hairstyles with those cropped short hair style when you are trying to grow your hair.

pixie cut kate moss 2 pixie cut twiggy pixie cut Tilda Swinton
 Cool and sexy Crop:
Kate Moss
 60’s iconic Bob haircut:
Queen of Crop Hair:
Tilda Swinton

Carey Mulligan: All you can do with Pixie Hairstyle

Red, Copper, Brunette, Bark Blond, Platinum blond, Golden Blond, Honey blond, Chocolate Brown, tobacco brown, and black ; a hair colour can makes all the difference . Changing your hair colour look sexier, fun, edgy, sophisticated or glamorous, and can also give you a fresh new look. Also With you can change your look with different styling for special occasions to casual date or it be retro look, feminine, classic, sporty, or boyish look. Why not to try different colours and enjoy your pixies and short hair just like Carey Mulligan.

pixie cut Carey Mulligan blond swipy fringe pixie cut Carey Mulligan brunette pixie cut Carey Mulligan platinum blonde pixie cut Carey Mulligan cropped side parting
Honey blond with Swipy fringe  Dark Blond with Side Parting  Platinum Blond Pixe  Classic Cropped Bob with Long Fringe
pixie cut Carey Mulligan glam pixie cut Carey Mulligan 20s look pixie cut Carey Mulligan brunette cute pixie cut Carey Mulligan boyish crop
Caramel blond with Slicked Back Hairstyle
50’s Pin Curls
 Soft textured crop  Modern edgy hairstyling with copper shades

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