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Hair Colour Ideas for Men

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Hair Colour Ideas for Men

Hair Colour Ideas for Men

Hair Colour Ideas for Men

Finding the perfect style and colour for your hair is paramount to feeling great and adding individuality to your look. There are several ways to incorporate your own personality into you chosen Hair Colour Ideas for Men and picking the perfect hair colour is a great foundation for the finished look. Here at Francesco Picardi, unique and on trend style is at the heart of our Shoreditch hair salon, so take a look some our top men’s hair colours to try this season.

Platinum and Silver Hair Color for Men

Silver is the new grey and for this coming season, it’s the perfect time to create this popular hair trend. With advances in hair colouring techniques and our new salon products such as Goldwell’s Silklift and Oxycur lighteners, achieving a clean white base to transform with silver tones has never been easier. If an all over silver look is not for you, colour blending is a great way to work naturally grey hair with other tones to achieve a natural finish.

Shoe Shine colour – Highlights for Men

This popular highlighting method is the perfect way to add a subtle shimmer to your hair colour. Popular shades include burgundy or blue tints over dark hair, which gives a halo effect when the light strikes your locks. This colour technique is quite simple yet gives a statement look with a touch of personality.

Balayage, Ombre, Sombre for Men

You’ll have heard this colouring terminology used for a while now and it’s especially popular with female clientele. That’s not to say it doesn’t work for men’s hair too. When Jared Leto stepped onto the red carpet back in 2014, men’s balayage hit the stage big time. Now you might not have Jared’s long locks but it also works on shorter hair too. Whether you have a longer hair through the top or a quiff style, this technique can create an on trend look with much less obvious regrowth.

There are a number of colour options for men looking to up their style game. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change to your current look or want to opt for a complete change, our stylists can offer expert advice on the latest trends and colour options.

Book your hair colour appointment at Francesco Picardi Shoreditch Salon at 0207 033 9319 or at bookings@francescopicardi.com

*** BALAYAGE HAIR COLOUR:Balayage highlights is a freehand painting technique for natural sun-kissed effect. OMBRE HAIR COLOUR: Ombre creates a soft natural graduated hair colour; darker roots, the lengths are somewhere in-between and lighter the ends. SOMBRE HAIR COLOUR: Sombre is a very settle Ombre for very natural looking hair colour. DIP DYE HAIR COLOUR: Rather than fade into lighter to the ends, dip dye creates a distinct two-tone colour.


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