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Natural Ombre / Balayage

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Natural Ombre / Balayage

loreal natural ombre balayage SS13
L’Oréal developed a specific approach to Ombre / Balayage look “Nature Ombré”.This technique is about the combination of a global application of mocha with Ombré highlights. The mocha covers your greys, while the Ombré highlights add incredible light and dimension.

Natural Balayage and Ombre
The result is very subtle and it’s seamless that there is no harsh line marking where the colour ends, and it’s all in the same colour shade. Combined with the new INOA Mocha shades, this technique definitely gives a new twist to the Ombré trend.
The fashion Icon Alexa Chung is a very famous for a gorgeous sun-kissed Ombre/ Balayage look. In the picture right she had a blondette using four different INOA shades adding higher and lower mocha tones to keep her hair looking subtle and natural.
Alexa Chung hair Ombre Balayage
Alexa Chung hair Ombre Balayage 1
Alexa Chung with L’Oréal Natural Ombre


Celebs and Natural Ombre

Natural Balayage and Ombre style has been seen many celebrities following with Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung, Kate Beckinsale, Erin Wasson and Rose Byrne work the balayage hair treatment.

Erin Wasson Ombre Balayage
Jessica Biel Ombre Balayage Sarah Jessica Parker Ombre Balayage Rose Byrne Ombre Balayage
   Erin Wasson
Jessica Biel
 Sarah Jessica Parker
 Rose Byrne


Balayage and Ombre Colour Maintenance

Maintaining a Balayage and Ombre colour is easier than highlights and it is a great idea to add a gloss/tint over your hair every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain the colour and keep a shiny gloss over your hair between your next Balayage and Ombre appointment.
Ombre hair colouring is perfect for the summer and adding colour to your Ombre is a great way to update the look while still making a major statement.

Enter a world where dreams become reality, where hair looks richer and more natural than we ever thought possible. For the spring/summer 2013 Ombré collection : Ombré nature, L’Oréal Professionnel reinvents ombré with highlights.
Now, it’s up to you to choose which dream to embrace.

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