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What is the difference between Ombre Hair Colour and Balayage

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Ombre Hair Colour

What is the difference between Ombre Hair Colour and Balayage

Ombre Definition

Ombre Hair

is a word derived from the French word for “shade” shadow. A toned hair colour effect that is typically darker at the top and lighter on the bottom is achieved withOmbre . It results in hair that gets lighter as you move from the roots to its ends. This gives the hair an appealing look due to the smooth transition from one hair colour to the next. With Ombre Hair there are barely, or no dark pieces left on the bottom of your hair. The best part of this hair style is that it works for any type of hair or of hair colour. Often the dark, top section is your natural hair colour shade while hair lightener is used to lighten the bottom section. If you are a big fan of contrasts, then this is the most suitable style for you. A reverse ombre is the exact opposite of this style with a lighter top and a darker bottom.
Ombre can also be any colour combination of natural blonde, brown or red, or something unconventional like pink or blue. It’s versatile, customizable and suitable for most long and medium hair lengths. A big plus with Ombre hair colour is that it’s easy on the budget. You don’t have to touch it up very often since the top section remains dark. The overall look of Ombre hair colour can change as your hair grows out, which many clients enjoy!

Sombre Hair


also known as the subtle ombre is a softer hair colour because it has almost similar results to ombre. However, it is less noticeable as your hair begins to grow out.

Sombre hair

are best suitable for those who may frequent the salon less often but may still want the transition between hair colour. It leaves hair looking more natural because it blends higher up with a more subtle fade between hair colour. Consequently, there is less of a noticeable difference between the hair colour, making it less expensive and requires less maintenance.
Another variation of

Sombre hair

are is called colour melting. In colour melting, two or three hair colour shades may be used on each strand, and each shade is blended with the side of the hair colour brush so that they appear to melt into each other. Like Sombre or Ombre, colour melting can be done with natural-looking hair colour shades or with any of the fun colours of the rainbow!

Balayage Hair

The word


is also derived from the French word meaning to sweep. This technique results in dark pieces at the bottom of your hair which leave it with a more natural look. It Balayage the natural highlights your hair gets for being out in the sun for a period of time. The highlights are usually in the chunkier sections and proceed to the bottom in a sweeping motion as the name suggests. To Balayage hair are painted through in small triangular parts. You do not require to use the lightener but depending on how light you want to be you may only want to go three shades lighter. It will be less noticeable as making it a low maintenance technique.

Book in for your free Ombre hair or Balayage hair colour and hairstyle consultation and let the experts give you advice on a great hair look.

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