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In Shoreditch London,What’s around, Shoreditch Hair Salons

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shoreditch london

In Shoreditch London,What’s around, Shoreditch Hair Salons

in Shoreditch London, What’s around ,Shoreditch hair salons

Besides the top Shoreditch hair salons, fashionable areas such as the Great Eastern Street, Old Street and Pitfield Street are full of young trendsetters and artists. Design and vintage shops, smart gastropubs, chain restaurants, noodle bars and coffee shops are in plenty, featuring awesome dining scenes.

Of course, this is a place where you cannot exhaust the list of things you can do for fun. Unbelievably creative and impressive murals are available for viewing if you walk along Brick Lane, Shoreditch Triangle and Redchurch Street. Local street creatives and artists will show you around the wonderful street art landscape of East London if you don’t mind.

Artists and fashion designers and hair salons have a huge bearing on what hairstyles trend is in London, for every season. Such hairstyles come in varying hair colours, lengths and durability, for both ladies and gentlemen. In addition hairdressers offer their services at affordable prices. In other words, Shoreditch is a major destination for beauty tourists. Trailblazing stylists in Shoreditch create fresh and bold styles every season. The rest of London struggles to follow the trends step by step. Below are the top five hairstyles that trended in Shoreditch this year:

Bob Styles

This has been one of the most used styles in Shoreditch this year, and, the whole of London. It involves cutting the hair approximately at the jaw-level, leaving a fringe or bangs in the front. Bobs are most common with women, but some men do use it too. Francesco Picardi is a top Shoreditch hair salon, and of course, we are experts in Bob Styles. You can book with us right now.

Center-Parting Styles

Common with ladies, this style has had a major tilt this year, with the parting now at the centre or in the front of one’s head, as opposed to the traditional sidelines. Shoreditch hair stylists have come up with a way of perfectly using the style even for those people who lack an accurate symmetry. This involves having the parting line around a quarter inch off the side of one’s face with a smaller eye. If you are looking for a top London hair Stylist in Shoreditch to sort out your centre-parting style, then you are in luck.

Bun Hairstyle

Bun hairstyles can be tricky except for the top London hair salons. Of course, we are among the top London hair salons, so expect a top job. Meant for ladies, this style involves pulling the hair backwards, then rolling it into a circular shape above the neck or at the top or back of your head. You can hold the bun in place using bobby pins, a pen, barrette or pencil. This style has its roots in China, around 200BC, worn by terracotta soldiers during the regime of the Ming Dynasty.

Avant Gade Style

Avant Gade is sort of experimental, where hair stylists attempt twisting traditional styles into revolutionary and daring styles. If you are a fashion lover, you must have seen models flaunt such elegant styles during red carpet catwalks. Most fashion designers use this approach as an art, which sometimes creates completely outrageous or absurd new styles. The good thing is that somehow, these hairstyles trend at the end of the day, especially those from Shoreditch. We are a top Shoreditch hair salon, with the right expertise and equipment to leave you looking stunning in your brand new hair-do.

Balayage Style

Balayage is arguably the best-customised colouring hairstyle in London. Often used for ladies’ hair, it creates a cool and luxurious look and an impressive face-framing result. Applying fine front streaks slowly goes a long way to uplift espresso brown hair. A top London hair Stylist in Shoreditch would execute this style to perfection. If you would like to try this hair-do, just give us a ring.

In Conclusion

Shoreditch is the culture and fashion of London, as most of the trending hairstyles hail from salons and stylists based here. Francesco Picardi Hair Salon is proud to be among the top London hair salons based in the beautiful area of Shoreditch. With numerous artistic scenes, awesome beauty parlours, huge and unbelievable shopping malls and restaurants preparing savoury meals from almost all cultures of the world, this is one of the best places to visit, work or live in, anywhere in London.

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